Service User Experiences During Lockdown

A research piece carried out by Queens University Belfast which took a snapshot in time and record the behaviour and trends of a range of service users, across Northern Ireland, who were participating in the substance use services and interventions of NIADA members during the first COVID-19 Lockdown.

A Review of Drug and Alcohol Use in the Workforce in Northern Ireland

A scoping exercise carried out by Queens University Belfast which aimed to examine the perceptions of managers from worked based organisations regarding problems associated with drugs and alcohol use in the workplace.

NIADA Manifesto 2019

Download the NIADA 2019 manifesto.

Overdose Prevention Spaces

Download the NIADA briefing paper on overdose prevention

When the US sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold

Article written by Chris Rintoul DACS by Extern and NIADA Member about Opioid trends in the US which soon follow in other countries.

Minimum Unit Pricing in Northern Ireland – a briefing paper

The Northern Ireland Alcohol and Drug Alliance is calling for the introduction of a Minimum Unit Price on the sale of alcohol in Northern Ireland. Minimum unit pricing is shown to target cheap, high-strength alcohol, which is most often bought by people drinking at harmful levels. Evidence demonstrates that introducing minimum unit pricing in Northern Ireland will significantly reduce harmful drinking, cut alcohol-related deaths, and reduce hospital admissions.