NIADA Manifesto 2019

Download the NIADA 2019 manifesto.

Overdose Prevention Spaces

Download the NIADA briefing paper on overdose prevention

When the US sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold

Article written by Chris Rintoul DACS by Extern and NIADA Member about Opioid trends in the US which soon follow in other countries.

Published 29/01/2020

Minimum Unit Pricing in Northern Ireland – a briefing paper

The Northern Ireland Alcohol and Drug Alliance is calling for the introduction of a Minimum Unit Price on the sale of alcohol in Northern Ireland. Minimum unit pricing is shown to target cheap, high-strength alcohol, which is most often bought by people drinking at harmful levels. Evidence demonstrates that introducing minimum unit pricing in Northern Ireland will significantly reduce harmful drinking, cut alcohol-related deaths, and reduce hospital admissions.

Published 14/06/2019