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Andrea Trainor


QUB Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders

Queens University Belfast are running a programme of study in substance use disorders.   This multi-disciplinary programme is designed to enable substance use professionals, mental health workers, social workers, nurses and workers from allied health and social care sectors to gain an understanding of substance use disorders, including definitions, UK and international contexts and the application of theory in practice.

See here for more details.


NIADA Research Opportunity

NIADA seek to commission a Consultant/Researcher to follow up on 2 initial short survey’s undertaken in 2020.

  • The first initial survey looked at how Covid-19 impacted on service user’s behaviours and experiences with alcohol and/or drug use during lockdown.   A further snapshot and a deeper analysis are now required to gain a greater understanding of how Covid-19 has impacted on experiences, behaviours, and trends, nearly a year down the line.  An evaluation of the implications of this on service user’s needs and subsequent future service delivery is essential.
  • The second piece should follow on from a scoping exercise based on Alcohol and Drug use in the Workforce in Northern Ireland.   This research project should target employers/employees across all sectors and develop an implementation plan of potential service delivery to include a communication strategy.

Please see the attached documents for further details on both research opportunities.

Tender Brief – Service User Experience During Lockdown

Tender Brief – Alcohol & Drug Use in the Workplace


CESI and NIADA Capture Service Users Experience During Lockdown.

2020 has been blighted by a global pandemic for which the outcome and extent for all of us is still unknown. However, even the most difficult of times can offer the opportunity to learn and grow. NIADA were gifted such an opportunity by Queens University’s Centre of Evidence and Social Innovation (CESI). The opportunity to take a snapshot in time and record the behaviour and trends of a range of service users, across Northern Ireland, who were participating in the substance use services and interventions of NIADA members.

Thanks to CESI this short survey has provided NIADA with a range of valuable information upon which members, policy makers, influencers and others can utilise to plan and improve services as we strive to meet service users complex and diverse needs post-COVID.

This vital information could not be more timely as the Department of Health, responsible for leading and co-ordinating action on Northern Ireland’s new substance use strategy, issue ‘Making Life Better – Preventing Harm and Empowering Recovery: A Strategic Framework to Tackle the Harm from Substance Use’ for public consultation. The first critical review in nearly 10 years.

I wish to thank all those who took part in this survey, particularly the service users. I commend the NIADA members for committing to the process and for reviewing and commenting on this report during a very trying and stressful time for their staff. I am extremely grateful for all your efforts and applaud you all for stepping up and standing out.

NIADA’s services users experience and feedback, documented in this report, will galvanise NIADA’s resolve to ensure the right services are available throughout Northern Ireland, in the right place, at the right time.

Anne-Marie McClure Chair – NIADA

To download the full findings please click HERE